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It’s widely acknowledged that a well hydrated work force is a happy, healthy and productive workforce. An office water cooler is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity for any responsible employer.

Plumbed in water coolers are a convenient, cost effective and superior alternative to the traditional bottled office water coolers. As well as the cost and convenience many organisations are now waking up to the environmental and risk benefits of plumbed in water coolers. Find out more about the benefits of bottleless water coolers here.

At Glug Glug Glug we supply, install and service a wide range of office water coolers to suit all budgets and requirements. We cover the whole country and offer three main ranges of plumBed in water cooler.

Office Water Cooler range

The office water cooler range is a robust and excellent value plumbed in water cooler with expert craftsmanship and quality components. Available in floor standing or table top form.

Premier Water Cooler range

The premier water cooler range is ideal for more style conscious customers. Clean minimalist design, clear intuitive controls and sophisticated good looks make these contemporary plumbed in water coolers our most popular range.

Premier Extra Water Cooler range

The Stylish design includes modern hygiene guard push and hold solenoid taps which reduce risk of contact contamination.

Extra Direct:
direct chill/pressure cooler with superior cooling capacity. Providing 40 litres per hour with 120 cups immediate draw off, all below 12ºC.

Borg & Overström office water cooler range

If you are looking for the optimum in design and build quality then look no further than the Borg & Overström water cooler range. This really is the Rolls Royce of office water coolers.

Borg & Overström Classic Cooler:
A modern water cooler combining reliability, shockproof materials and aesthetic design. Available in a choice of silver or graphite finishes with neon on / off indicator lights. The Classic Cooler is built for durability and automatically switches water flow off if leakages are detected.

Borg & Overström Sport Cooler:
The Borg & Overström Sport Cooler is a premium point-of-use cooler with streamlined design. Its key features include touch panel control, integral cup dispensers and a choice of water options including ambient, cold, direct-chill and carbonated.