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Water Coolers

A complete range of mains fed Water Coolers and Filtered Water Taps offering a constant supply of chilled, filtered water on demand

Water Coolers

Mains Fed freestanding Water Cooler

Water Boilers

A complete range of Hot Water Dispensers and Boiling Water Taps offering instant, boiling water for hot drinks

Water Boilers

1500 Hot Water Boiler


Repairs and Servicing for Water Coolers, Hot Water Dispensers, Zip Taps and Water Fountains

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Countertop Boilers

Countertop Boilers

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National coverage with local care

Since we were established in 2003, thousands of businesses of all sizes from single person offices to colleges, hospitals and major corporations throughout the UK have chosen Glug Glug Glug to provide bottleless drinking water solutions. We believe this is down to our overriding goal to improve the well-being of our clients, their staff and their customers. This means we listen to your needs, are highly responsive and strive to establish a lasting and constructive relationship.

We aim to provide a top quality hot water dispenser and water cooler service nationwide, for everyone.


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