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Bottled Water - More Expensive Than Petrol?!

by Jamie Tedder

Bottled Water - More Expensive Than Petrol?!

Bottled Water - How Much Does It Cost You?


Bottled water is now so embedded into our culture that suppliers are offering every type of water imaginable from 9p per litre for a product such as Tesco's own brand still water to a staggering £60 per litre for Bling H20.

But the shocking figure is that we drink 2 Billion litres of bottled water in the UK at a cost of £2bn. That’s £1 per litre we are paying on average for our bottled water.  When we think that petrol and diesel prices have now fallen below the £1 per litre mark it means that we are paying more for our bottled water than we are paying for the fuel for our cars.

That wouldn’t be so strange if we didn’t have perfectly safe and healthy water delivered to each house and office through the mains every minute of every night and day.

Mains versus bottled

Paul Younger, Professor of Energy Engineering at Glasgow fully supports mains water saying that “The bottled water industry is very largely a scam and a very expensive one at that, in terms of both money and extravagant carbon footprint”.

He added, “Viewed from a global context, public tap water supplies in Britain is of exceptional quality and achieved 99.96% compliance with legal standards - and the figure has been above 99 percent for nearly 20 years”.


There is no reason to suppose that bottled water is safer than tap water - in fact, some unfortunate people have a bad reaction to small quantities of polyethene terephthalate (PET), which dissolves into bottled water from the bottle itself," he said.

Also, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization has pointed out that, in terms of nutritional value, bottled water is no better than tap water, and that while the bottled product may contain small amounts of minerals, so does tap water from many public water supplies.


It makes huge sense to businesses across the UK to use companies such as Glug Glug Glug to provide conveniently sited mains fed water coolers and mains fed water boilers from just £13.95 per month to keep staff well hydrated and healthy. If you would like to speak to an expert about water coolers please contact 01934 520944


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