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Office Water Dispensers

by Stuart Toogood

Office Water Dispensers

Office Water Dispensers at Glug Glug Glug

A big issue within many workplaces is the accessibility of water for staff in their office. At Glug Glug Glug we understand the importance of providing fresh water for all at work. Whether it be a hot water dispenser to make coffee and tea with or a water cooler for day-to-day refreshment, we can help you. If you’re interested in our Office Water Dispensers then please give our team a call on 01934 806893 and they will be happy to assist you. 


Why Does Our Office Need Water Dispensers?

Under workplace regulations brought in by the government in 1992, all employers must provide adequate drinking water to all employees and this must be clearly marked in the office. We believe the best way to manage this is to purchase a water dispenser, rather than purchasing a constant supply of bottled water. The quickest and most efficient way to allow for your employees to attain water is to provide them with an easy source. Having a water dispenser provides easy access at any time of day, and the employees themselves will appreciate it massively. It is also more cost effective and you will find the costs acquired from water consumption will decrease over time if there is always cool water available.

When receiving a quote from us, we are pleased to say that the rental price includes the following services: installation, servicing, filter changes and advice from our team. Other call out costs are also included as we guarantee that premium water dispensers have been provided. 


What Is Included In Water Dispenser Rentals?

  • Nationwide coverage across the UK with local care

Though our primary office is based in Weston-super-mare, we operate across the whole of the UK and have a range of offices across the country. Our team can provide a tailored and unique service to you wherever you are so that it is always done right.

  • Comprehensive water dispenser services

We offer surveys, installation, servicing and maintenance for all products. This means with us the entire package is here. You won’t need to look further for any queries. 

  • High-quality office water dispensers

All products that we install and rent out to all customers are checked and inspected for any problems before the rental services even begin. This allows us to provide only the best water coolers and water boilers for your office. 

  • Fully trained and highly qualified engineers

With any installation or maintenance of a product, it is important that it is left with the right hands. Our engineers are experienced in dealing with a range of installations, services and maintenance for office water dispensers. We ensure that all staff are correctly trained to deal with customer requirements.


Choosing the Right Water Dispenser For Your Office


AAF5 Water Cooler - Large Offices

Perfect for bigger offices, this water cooler is a large but slim product that has superior cooling capacities to ensure your water is always ice cold. The dispenser area is also large in size and therefore you will also be able to fill up both smaller cups and water bottles. The high capacity available with this water cooler is also an advantage as it can provide 40 litres per hour of fresh water, so you will never have to worry about it running out. If the free-standing water cooler is not suitable for your office’s layout, then we can offer it to you as a simple countertop unit which can fit in any smaller space. The flexibility of this unit has proved it to be popular with many businesses and commercial buildings. 


W3C Water Cooler - Small Offices

Small offices often lack the space and accessibility for beverage making and water facilities, which is why we have a range of choice for you. If you need a water cooler for a smaller office, for around 25 people, the W3C water cooler will be a perfect choice. This unit is also available in both the free-standing and country top unit options. This water cooler also provides up to 10 litres of chilled water per hour and 8 litres of hot water per hour, making this perfect for smaller groups of people and their water needs. Our water coolers are also extremely economical 


WA5 Wall Mounted Boiler - Staff Rooms

This hot water dispenser is designed fitted on the wall in your staff room or office kitchen. Perfect for the lunchtime rush and general tea and coffee making, this unit has a capacity of 27 litres per hour and therefore will be able to cater to all staff. This particular unit is also one of the simplest to use and incorporates a user-friendly display with basic diagnostics, making this water boiler a perfect but simple choice for kitchenettes. 


B3F Water Cooler - Conferences 

For those looking for a more stylish water cooler, the B3F is perfect. With a sleek and professional look, this water cooler is most commonly used for more prestigious office rooms such as executive suites or rooms primarily used for conferences. Touch panel button controls make the use of this water cooler extremely easy whilst using the most up to date technology. This water cooler also takes it to the next level, providing a range of water options to suit all. Whether you’d prefer chilled, hot or sparking water, the B3F can do this for you. We know how hard it is to cater to a range of different individuals, which is why the water cooler and hot water dispenser range is so diverse. 


This is just an extensive list of some of the dispensers we provide for rentals; there are many to choose from and a range to suit different purposes. If you would like to see the rest of the hot water dispensers and water coolers we offer then please check out our website for more information on the office water dispenser range. 


Why Choose Glug Glug Glug?

We have over 15 years of experience in the water dispenser rental industry. This means we have experience and knowledge in order to provide you with the best service. Glug Glug Glug have been working with a wide range of clients that include those from schools, hospitals and big companies throughout the UK. We have shown time and time again that customer satisfaction is our biggest priority. 

Our no obligation survey service allows us to assess your situation and decide which the best water cooler or hot water dispenser is for the location required. Our premium services also include a 14 day free trial for any of our dispensers in whereby you can try them out in your offices to see whether it fits its purpose. 

Glug Glug Glug is the best place to purchase Office Water Dispensers in the UK, so get in contact today!

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