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The Mission to Rid the World of Plastic Bottles – By Glug Glug Glug

by Stuart Toogood

The Mission to Rid the World of Plastic Bottles – By Glug Glug Glug

You’ve probably noticed the subtle changes put in place to reduce the amount of plastic we use. Implementing a price on plastic bags, making bottled water more expensive, the list goes on. However, the Government’s waste report from 2016 states that only just over half of the UK’s bottles were recycled. This compares to the many other countries that have stronger recycling schemes and therefore are seeing higher rates of recycling. At Glug Glug Glug, our entire business model supports the idea of creating and using fewer plastics, which is why we provide Bottleless Water Solutions for hundreds of clients and customers across the UK.


Protecting Our Sea Life


You may not directly see the impact that plastic disposal has on our sea life, but it is an ever-growing problem. Every year billions of pounds of plastic products, waste and materials end up in the earth’s seas, lakes and oceans. This can have a heavy and detrimental effect on the animals that inhabit our oceans. For example, it has been suggested that fish mistake microplastics for food, and therefore are consuming them both accidentally and on purpose. Hundreds and thousands of fish are found to contain plastics in their internal organs and are highly likely to have been the cause of their deaths. These plastics can also poison seabirds and mammals and is the reason much of our wildlife is dying out. This is devastating to not only animal lovers but to everyone that does not want our seas to die out and disappear completely. Environmental issues can be solved if we all work together.


Save Money in the Long Term


Choosing the operate Bottleless water solutions will enable you to save money. For example, you will not need to pay for the delivery of bottled water. With one of our Bottleless coolers, your water will be directly available at your office or building and you will not need to continuously order more in. Our coolers filter the water through the mains system of your water and therefore once it is installed you do not need to top it up. The choice to rent out a water cooler may seem expensive at first but in the long-term, it will save you money on the extra you spend ordering bottled water from external sources. You will have an easily accessible water source available 24 hours a day.


Our Bottleless Water Coolers


All of our water coolers operate within a Bottleless system. Glug Glug Glug provides rentals for coolers that filter and chill water directly through the mains. This means they are environmentally friendly and do not add to the huge problem we have with plastics. You may say ‘but plastic bottles can be re-used’ this may be true, however, plastic bottles do not last forever and will eventually be disposed of. Though you may have been recycling plastic, it still leads to the ultimate issue at the end of the process; It can take up to 1000 years for some plastic bottles to biodegrade and no longer exist on our earth. We want to encourage the Bottleless system and ensuring everyone is using less plastic than before!


Bottleless Water Solutions with Glug


From schools and colleges to offices and retail centres, Glug Glug Glug can provide any company with a water cooler. We understand the common need for water sources in the UK and therefore provide the highest quality services to accommodate to this need. We have a range of water coolers, hot water dispensers and other dispensers that can be rented out. We also do not tie down our customers to long contracts, the minimum contract is just 12 months. 

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