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Water Cooler Birmingham

by Stuart Toogood

Water Cooler Birmingham

You may be debating as to whether it is worth purchasing a water cooler. In this article, we discuss our range of water coolers and why you should consider purchasing one. We have worked with many businesses over the years to provide them with excellent water solutions for their employees and the workplace in general.


For more information on our Water Cooler Birmingham service please call us today on 01934 520944. One of our experienced staff members will be able to advise you on our rentals and services.


What is a Water Cooler Birmingham?


To put it simply, a water cooler is a machine that provides you with a consistent supply of chilled and fresh water! At Glug Glug Glug, we have an excellent range of water coolers to fit a range of purposes. All of our water coolers are Bottleless and therefore function through the mains water system, providing an environmentally friendly water solution.


We supply water coolers for

  • Schools & Colleges
  • Offices & Call Centres
  • Retail Sites
  • And many other commercial businesses!


We have a selection of different types of water coolers that will suit different requirements.


Countertop: This type of water cooler is better suited for smaller workplaces where there is not a lot of space. It is also easily movable so can be placed anywhere in the office or moved if needed.


Freestanding: An excellent choice if you want a water cooler that is going to be placed in one area of the building. It can also be good for those who want their water cooler to fit in with the décor of your office as we have a range of professional looking water coolers.


Water taps: We offer taps that are a subtle and pristine looking option for a supply of water. There are also different capacities available, depending on the capacity of water that you need.  


The Benefits of Purchasing a Water Cooler Birmingham


It is important to provide a constant water supply to your employees in the workplace as they are entitled to a supply of fresh water. There are many benefits to providing your employees with water. It has been scientifically proven that drinking water enhances your daily functioning and allows you to concentrate better. Implementing a water cooler into your office will encourage employees to drink more and to be more productive.


What Is Included In A Water Cooler Rental?


  • Fully comprehensive services

All of our water cooler rentals include installation, servicing, filter changes and repairs. This incorporates all elements of the rental process, so you won’t have to look anywhere else if issues ever arise.


  • National coverage with local care

Though we are based in Weston-Super-Mare, we provide national coverage for all water cooler rentals. We supply rentals across the entirety of the UK and can provide our services anywhere. You can view our individual location services here.


  • High-quality water coolers

All of the water coolers we provide for rental have been quality checked by several quality controllers and so you can be assured you will only receive a high-quality product from us. With a high-quality water cooler, you’ll have a long-lasting source of water!


  • No long contracts

With Glug Glug Glug, the minimum contract term for water coolers is just 12 months! You will not be tied down and therefore have the freedom to do as you wish; we only require a three-months cancellation notice after the 12 months. We also offer a service that allows you to switch to us if you’re currently stuck in another water cooler contract. We can offer you a free rental on the remaining months that you have on your other contract.


If you’re interested in our Water Cooler Birmingham rentals then please get in touch today!

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