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Water Cooler Manchester

by Stuart Toogood

Water Cooler Manchester

Are you looking for Water Coolers in Manchester? Glug Glug Glug provides comprehensive rentals for water coolers and water dispensers in the Manchester area. With depots in Yorkshire, Surrey and Somerset, we are able to provide national coverage for our water dispenser products and services. We can provide water dispensers to local businesses, commercial buildings, schools and many more places. This also includes providing dispensers to universities, police forces, government agencies and other larger corporations. Unlike many companies, we don’t let our customers down and always attend to their needs in good time. Please call us today on 01934 520944 if you would like any more information on our services.  


Why Rent Out a Water Cooler?


There are many positive reasons in favour of renting out a water cooler. Firstly, it will provide your employees with a consistent supply of fresh drinking water. Studies have shown that employees are more productive when they drink a lot of water during the day, so this could be a great incentive for you to improve the workplace for your workers. We all know of the excellent health benefits that come from drinking lots of water, so why not put more effort into achieving this? A water cooler offers an instant solution for providing water and can also be placed near to where the employees are working, making it even easier for them to access. This will save time and provide employees with more efficient and worthwhile breaks. You could also purchase a hot water dispenser, very similar to a water cooler, which will enable workers to make hot drinks and food using the hot water. This will also be great for improving employees’ happiness in the workplace if they have more options to choose from.


Another great reason to rent out a water cooler with Glug Glug Glug is that we offer great comprehensive rental services to all clients. All of our water cooler pricing includes installation, servicing, filter changes and repairs if there were to ever be any issues with the machine. We guarantee that no pricing during this process will ever increase throughout your contract with us. We also ensure that we come out to all customers within 2 working days if there are any issues so that the issue can be resolved as quickly as possible.


All of the water coolers we supply go through rigorous quality control checks to ensure we only provide you with the best water coolers. Quality is important to us and therefore our team takes every step possible to make certain that your machine fits our standards. This also makes sure that your machine is going to long-lasting into the future. As stated before, though unusual, if there are any issues with the water cooler then we will come out to fix it within 2 working days. Our highly qualified engineers are able to take care of the entire process for you. Just let us know and we will be able to help you out.


The Water Cooler Manchester Process with Glug Glug Glug


As suggested in the title, our water cooler rental service is exactly that, rental of a water cooler! You will rent out your cooler through a regular payment system. At Glug Glug Glug we also offer a free 14-day trial system where you can try out one of our water dispenser products before deciding to go through with the contract (which is a minimum of 12 months.) This gives you the freedom to make the right choice for your business.


For more information on our Water Cooler Manchester service please call our offices today on 01934 520944. One of our experienced team will be able to advise you further and get your rental started in no time!  

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