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Water - How Much Do We Really Need?

by Stuart Toogood

Water - How Much Do We Really Need?

It’s not a secret that should consume plenty of water each day, but how much is enough? Scientists and nutritionists have argued for this decades and it seems no one has a definitive answer. Everyone is different and therefore requires a different amount of fluids to hydrate themselves fully; lots of internal and external factors can affect this amount. Although the general rule seems to be 8 glasses a day, how many people stick to this?

At Glug Glug Glug we rent and supply water coolers and hot water dispensers so that you’ll never miss out on water consumption, wherever you are. We want to encourage more and more people to drink water or to increase their general usage in order to create a healthier and better society. 


Importance of Water For Your Health

Around 70% of our body is made up of water, so it’s important that you replenish any you lose from day to day activities. Especially for those who work out or have a physically demanding job, ensuring you get enough water is vital in order for your health to stay at a sustainable level. Our body needs water to function and to provide support for our internal organs, so look after yourself. Drinking water also allows for better daily functioning and so you won’t find yourself drifting off whilst trying to concentrate or feel discomfort during your shift at work. 

There are many problems that can occur as a result of dehydration (not drinking enough water) and some of the most common are highlighted below.


Problems Associated With Dehydration

The first thing you’ll be asked when suffering from a headache is “have you drank enough water?.” It may appear a tedious question but a lot of the time water consumption is the root cause of headaches. It’s unsure exactly how dehydration triggers headaches but scientists have made a clear link between the two in terms of oxygen and blood levels within the brain. Not drinking enough water can also cause day-to-day fatigue and tiredness. Lack of fluids within the body causes the volume of blood to drop dramatically, making it harder for your body to circulate oxygen around it; which then creates that tired feeling that you usually get as the day goes on.

Now we might not want to talk about it, but one of the most common causes of constipation is dehydration. When you process any food, it goes through to the large intestine, if there is no water within the intestine then it will take water from your food waste. This then creates the problem that is known as constipation. Lack of water consumption is one of the many causes for internal problems within the human body.

Often we only drink water when we start to feel thirsty or dehydrated, but this often does not solve the problem. To combat all the problems that go along with dehydration, it is important to have a constant water source and to drink regularly throughout the day.


Other Sources of Water

If you’re not up for drinking as much water as suggested, perhaps you could try incorporating more fruit and vegetables into your diet. It it suggested that around a fifth of our daily intake of water comes from solid foods.

Here’s a list of the top fruit or vegetables you can eat to increase water intake:

  • Cucumber   (approx. 96% water) 
  • Celery          (approx. 95% water)
  • Tomatoes     (approx. 94% water)
  • Watermelon (approx. 92% water)


If you’re looking to hydrate during the day or after going to the gym, you may want to consider eating a piece of fruit or including more vegetables in your meals; It can hydrate you in ways that water can’t. We would suggest the best way to go about water consumption is to include all of these things in your diet. General drinking of water on a daily basis is your best bet but if you can cater your diet to more water enriched and healthy options, it provides huge benefits to your health. 

Here at Glug Glug Glug we offer a variety of water cooler and water dispenser options for your usage. We offer a no obligation 14 days free trial for our water dispensers so you can make sure the right choice is made. If you would like a water source implanted into your workplace, school or other building then please contact us on 01934 806894

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