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Water Machine London

by Stuart Toogood

Water Machine London

Are you searching for ‘Water Machine London’? If so, Glug Glug Glug will be able to help you. We provide comprehensive water machines rentals across London and the entirety of the UK, with depots based in Weston-Super-Mare, Surrey, and Yorkshire. We have a range of different machines to suit your needs, with competitive rental prices. We have also been supplying water machines for over 15 years now and therefore have many years of experience in the industry. Glug Glug Glug aims to provide every client with a high-quality water cooler, hot water dispenser, and any other water machine. Our most common clients are made up of schools, retail sites, local businesses and other commercial entities. For more information on our water cooler rentals, please call today on 01934 520944.


Benefits of a Water Machine Rental With Glug Glug Glug


1. Employee Satisfaction

Having a consistent and fresh supply of cold or hot water is an excellent idea for keeping employees happy! It has been proven that water consumption is highly important in productivity and concentration during the day and renting out a water machine would only enhance this. It is also in the interests of your employees' overall health.


2. Convenience

Having a water machine in the office will make getting a beverage that little bit easier. Ensuring that employees have close access to water will not only be convenient but they will also appreciate it. If you decide to rent out a hot water dispenser then they will also be able to make coffee, tea, and hot food with it.


3. High Quality Machine

At Glug Glug Glug we ensure that we only provide clients with the highest quality water machines. Our stock of water coolers and hot water dispensers go through rigorous checks to ensure that they fit both our standards and industry standards so that everyone is happy! We also ensure that if there is ever any issue with your dispenser then we will come out to have a look at it within 2 working days.


4. No Long Contracts

The minimum rental contract for any water machine is simply 12 months. This means you are never tied down to some of the long contracts that many other companies offer. If you are currently stuck in a water cooler rental and wish to switch to us, we can offer you a solution! We’ll offer you free rental on the same number of months that you have remaining on your current contract, and then switch you onto our plan!


Bottleless Water Machines in London


All of our water coolers are mains-fed and plumbed into the water system. With our machines, you will never receive a bottled water cooler. We believe in protecting the environment and ensuring that we do everything that we can to provide clients with efficient and environmentally friendly water systems. It can take almost 1000 years for many types of plastic to biodegrade and therefore it is essential that we provide solutions to this. With a bottled cooler, there is a limit to how much water that can be stored inside the bottle, you don’t get this issue with Bottleless machines. Renting out a mains fed water machine will also save you money as you will not need to replace any bottle or water – your machine will simply be linked up to the building’s water system for a constant supply of fresh water! It is the most convenient type of machine to purchase. Bottleless water coolers are also much more stylish and we have a range of designs available that will suit any office or commercial environment. Overall, a Bottleless water is a great investment for both you and your employees.


If you are interested in a Water Machine London rental then please get in touch with the team today! One of our experienced team members will be able to advise you further or give you a quote.

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