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Why You Should Give Up Coffee in Replacement of Water for Lent

by Stuart Toogood

Why You Should Give Up Coffee in Replacement of Water for Lent

Most of us rely on our caffeine boost in the morning with a cup of coffee, but is it now time to give this up for a while? Lent has officially begun and many people are giving up chocolate, various other junk foods, alcohol and other guilty pleasures that most of us just refuse to give up! As a company that provides businesses with water coolers, we would suggest giving coffee up for water this Lent. There are so many benefits to replacing your general drinking habits with water, which we will discuss in this article. Glug Glug Glug can also provide your workplace with a fully-fledged water cooler, available for rental year-round.


Benefits of Water


1. Concentration

The body is made up of over 60% of water, so it’s no surprise that we need it to function on the daily. Water has been scientifically proven to improve concentration levels during the day. If you find yourself tiring during the working day or are struggling to study for your exams, try drinking some water. Of course, water is not the only factor that sets your concentration levels but is surely one of the most efficient solutions. Dehydration makes the body drowsy and starts to make you feel sleepy, so ensure that you are drinking enough fluids (specifically water) throughout the day, it will help you stay motivated and more focused on the work you are doing.


2. Better Immune System

Due to the large amount of our bodies that water takes up, you should ensure that you are replenishing that water. Water is required by every part of the body in order to function properly. For example, your brain is almost entirely made of water and is one of the most important organs in the body – you would not be able to live without it. You should look after your body and always replace any water that is lost through exercise or daily tasks. Giving your body the water it needs to complete daily tasks will not only make it easier for your body to function but it will also make you feel better! All elements of your bodily functions will be better with higher water consumption.


3. Improved Skin

It has been suggested that water consumption contributes to youthful and healthy skin. Water provides your skin with the moisture it needs to stay smooth and fresh. The skin is an organ, just like any other organ in your body, and therefore must be treated the same in regard to water consumption. Without water your skin will not be looking its best and therefore any form of water would be beneficial to you. For some people, it has also been proposed that drinking more water can alleviate acne and lead to less breakouts which is an all-around great benefit for anyone. Of course, these are not the only factors that should be taken into account when looking to improve the skin but water should certainly be considered important.


The Easiest Way to Drink More Water

Hopefully by now you are truly considering giving up coffee and other fluids and will be replacing them with water! But where is the place to get your water from? None other than a water cooler from Glug Glug Glug! We have a wide variety of units available for rental and provide full comprehensive services for all of our clients.

Our water coolers are perfect for any commercial entity such as offices, schools, shops and many more. We have a range of both freestanding and countertop water dispensers that will be highly beneficial to any business. Give yourself the opportunity to drink more water! Get in touch with us today for more information.

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