Why use a bottleless water-cooler?

A counter top or free standing mains-fed Water Cooler will provide you with a constant supply of chilled, filtered drinking water direct from your mains water supply. Unlike with bottled water coolers, with a mains-fed system there’s no need to buy, lift and store costly water bottles. This makes it a cost effective and far more efficient way of providing drinking water in the workplace. Additionally, because there’s no need for plastic water bottles, it’s far better for the environment too!

For many years businesses have used bottled water coolers to provide their staff with a supply of chilled water. In recent years forward thinking businesses have woken up to the benefits of choosing bottleless water coolers for their workplace. A bottleless water cooler is the smart choice for your workplace. Why would you want the hassle of a bottled water cooler when a bottleless water cooler is cheaper, more convenient and better for the environment?

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Key benefits of bottleless water coolers over bottled water coolers

  • A bottleless water cooler is a fraction of the cost of a bottled water cooler
  • They provide an unlimited supply of freshly chilled, filtered water
  • Unlike with bottled water coolers, there’s no risk of running out of water
  • They avoid the need to lift and store heavy water bottles
  • There’s no health and safety issues
  • They are far more environmentally friendly
  • They do not add to road congestion – there’s no need to transport heavy, plastic water bottles
  • Customers get just one simple invoice each year
  • There’s no complicated credits and debits for bottles, bottle deposits and returns
  • Saves a great deal of time on administration

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